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Founders Fail: Lessons Learned – ActionVFX

Jul 24, 2020 | Startup Advice

In this episode of Founders Fail: Lessons Learned
We are featuring Rodolphe Pierre-Louis of ActionVFX. ActionVFX creates top of the line VFX assets for professional artists and filmmakers and are based in Johnson City Tennessee. Learn more at:

About the Series:
The Entrepreneurship world constantly talks about failure in theory and through fabled pivots that led to Unicorn status. At FoundersForge, we know failure is simply part of the process. In this series, we are speaking with a variety of Startup Founders to learn from their views on failure and how it’s shaped their personal and professional lives as well as their ventures.

About FoundersForge:
FoundersForge is a 501c3 that believes in the underdog Entrepreneurs in the Appalachian Highlands and helping them on their Startup Journeys. We provide free services, programming, and promotion to all Startups across our region. Get involved at:

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