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Entrepreneurial Program to Launch in Johnson City

Feb 10, 2021 | News

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — The City of Johnson City, Sync Space Entrepreneur Center and FoundersForge teamed up to bring entrepreneurial programming to Johnson City.

The nine-week Startup Bootcamp program kicks off on March 15, with the application process launching on Monday, February 8 until March 1.

Startup Bootcamp is aimed toward those who’ve brainstormed ideas they want to turn into business, with the program providing education, mentorship, access to potential customers and other preparations for future growth.

News Channel 11 spoke with FoundersForge Director David Nelson, who said the program seeks to provide attendees with the tools needed to bring economic growth in the Appalachian Highlands.

“It’s a nine-week program that’s really customized to the class that participates in it,” Nelson said. “It has everything from learning how to launch an idea or invention all the way to an existing start-up that wants to grow and scale that business all the way to success.

“It’s really a collaborative effort across the community that blends experts from all sorts of fields to come together to really see our ecosystem grow and our start-ups succeed.”

A team of FoundersForge founders who’ve attended national-level entrepreneurial courses such as Google NEXT, GigTank and Atlanta Tech Village’s Accelerator Program designed Startup Bootcamp, combining an array of pointers and material intended to propel entrepreneurs into the world of business.

The partnership program cultivated an opportunity for university students, recruits and local entrepreneurs to hone their skills to boost business possibilities within the region.

Sync Space Entrepreneur Centers President Heath Guinn said Startup Bootcamp is a chance for inventors and creatives to level up their ideas, which could eventually develop into an oasis of opportunity for economic growth.

“What our organizations and our programs look to do is help [businesses] pivot — help them find new ways to get their customers the products or to change their businesses for new models,” Guinn said.

Those interested in applying should visit: FoundersForge Bootcamp

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