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Spark Plaza Partners with FoundersForge on Entrepreneur Center in Johnson City

Mar 16, 2021 | Announcements

Spark Plaza, a coworking facility in downtown Johnson City, announced a partnership this week with FoundersForge, a nonprofit promoting the development of startups in the region.

As of March 15, Spark Plaza will be officially housing FoundersForge out of its location at 404 S. Roan St. and establishing a new Innovation and Entrepreneur Center in downtown Johnson City.

In a press release, the organizations said this move combines Spark Plaza’s community of remote tech workers, small businesses and digital agencies with the region’s local entrepreneurs and startups. It also provides new opportunities for partnerships and the creation of new business opportunities in the region, the organizations said.

“Our dream since we opened the doors in 2009 has been to build a community that welcomes and encourages new companies and ideas,” said Spark Plaza co-founder Jose Castillo. “With the explosion of growth in our region of remote workers and people launching their own startups we needed a welcome center and launch pad focused on these folks.”

David Nelson, the executive director of FoundersForge, said it can be difficult for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to plug into the startup ecosystem.

“Now, thanks to Spark Plaza, they can stop by or schedule an appointment to get their ideas started on the right foundation or an existing startup connected to the support they need to succeed,” Nelson said.

The partnership will also provide free, open workspaces to entrepreneurs visiting or working with FoundersForge. Spark Plaza will also provide meeting spaces, sponsor events and support new opportunities in the region.

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